Honey Tulsi Cough syrup

Why health officials are suggesting the use of Honey when it comes to cough

Cold along with cough has an impact on the young and the old. Though there might be a modern form of medicine to deal with it, people have gone on to realize their side effects and have decided to stop using it. For this reason they are stepping back to the age old remedies and a popular one is Honey Tulsi Cough syrup that attracts a lot of attention. The best part about Ayurveda is that you resort to the use of natural ingredients so as to deal with issue of cold and cough.

 Honey to the rescue of controlling cough and cold

The fact of the matter is that the health benefits of honey for treating cold and cough are numerous. In fact the use of honey is suitable for people in all age groups. Though there are numerous ways by which honey can provide benefits from cold and cough.

The changing weather patterns like heat, winter could lead to cough in the young and old. The kids are more prone to them as the immune system is at the developing phase which does not offer a lot of protection. Such an age old practice has been popular since our grandmothers have been resorting to the use of this remedy for treatment of cough and cold. Honey has numerous health benefits and for human health it works out to be beneficial. It is going to pep up the immune system and prevents the body for developing cough along with cold. In case if you happen to be unwell then resorting to the use of honey is the best solution among the lot.

The use of natural honey and how it can soothe the symptoms of cold and cough

  • Honey and dry ginger- to half a teaspoon of ginger you need to mix half a teaspoon of honey that works wonders to treat cold and cough. Ginger does go on to possess anti- inflammatory properties. Ginger and honey when combined and mixed could help to cure cough a lot faster.
  • Raw honey- anti- bacterial properties and suction facilities are present in honey. Even before going to bed at night have a teaspoon of honey. The mucus might develop a layer of coating over the membrane as it might provide immense relief from cold, cough and a sore throat.
  • Lemon and honey- You need to take some hot water and then mix it with honey or be it lemon juice to provide quick relief from cough and cold.
  • Honey and garlic- anti- inflammatory and anti -bacterial properties are present in garlic. The moment you go on to mix a single spoon of garlic with honey it is going to be of help in treating cough and cold.

The last remedy is if you honey and black pepper powder. Then you need to consume it so as to deal with the problems of cold along with cough. Even chest infection problems will stop.