What Warranty you should check before purchasing any jewellery

Purchasing jewellery is interesting as well as a responsible task. You need to select one from an infinite number of options. If not satisfied, you need to select the customization options. The responsible part involves checking the warranty and the guarantee of the jewellery and the jewellery shop. Before buying jewellery, you certainly need to have some amount of knowledge about metals and ornaments. You can ask an experienced person to come along with you to buy the jewellery. Make sure you buy the jewellery from a trustable seller. Wedding and engagement rings hatton garden is the most trustable options to buy in London.

Here is the checklist to ensure the warranty of the jewellery you buy –

1.         Purity – Karats shows the purity of the gold so check the karats of the gold that you are buying before anything else. Purchasing jewellery without checking the karats can lead to severe losses because you can be tricked by the sellers and can be given lesser karat gold. The best way to check the purity of gold is to check the hallmark. Hallmarks are nothing but some small letters and symbols that denote the metal from which the ornament is made from and the designer or the jewellery store that made the artefact. Some of the countries giving a hallmark on the jewellery is a law. It is always recommended to buy hallmarked jewellery as this jewellery is tested by competent agencies.

2.         Servicing – Ask the jewellers if they give free servicing or replacement of diamonds and what the terms and conditions following those policies. Some jewellers also provide a free inspection of diamonds and gemstones. Through this inspection, they can find out the problems that are not noticeable to us and also take measures to prevent the ornaments from further future damage. Ask for the servicing plans in case of dents and scratches because some jewellery is fragile and rough usage can seriously damage the band. Make sure you read all the details of the policies including terms and condition on which the jewellers are going to make replacements or going to provide certain services. You will know how far they meet your expectations and satisfy your needs.

3.         Sellers – Jewellers often provide certification or valuation of the purchase you make. This certificate shows the grade and quality of the diamond and metal. Only buy gold from reputed jewellers as they have won the trust of many people in years and there will be no possibility that they will cheat with you. Purchasing from small sellers will reduce your cost of making and designing the jewellery but it has some risk because they might sell impure gold or can also sell stolen ornaments. Any of that becomes risky so only buy jewellery from reputed stores such as Hatton Garden Jewellery. One of the best jewellery shops in London. They have all kinds of wedding and jewellery shop with varied designs and customization options.

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