Top 4 reasons for Xiaomi’s remarkable growth in the Indian market

Xiaomi entered the Indian smartphone market in 2014, and since then, hasn’t taken long to gain a reach across the country. With its impressive products smart marketing and advertisement strategies, the smartphone maker witnessed a remarkable increase in sales year on year.

Even though the initial availability of its handsets was limited to online storefronts, the demand for Xiaomi smartphones was high. In 2018, Xiaomi’s smartphone sales in India were reported to have overtaken that of Samsung handset sales, which was unheard of for any competing brand.

Part of the reason for this success was the company’s Redmi phones under 15000. These budget tier devices sported attractive specs, which were generally reserved for high-end smartphones. However, Xiaomi succeeded due to various reasons, some of which are listed below.

  • Revolutionary product launches at best prices

While most mid-tier Samsung handsets cost anywhere between Rs.25,000 and Rs.40,000, Xiaomi revolutionised the Indian smartphone market when it launched the Redmi Note 4 at prices lower than Rs.15,000. The specs of this device model were impressive enough to hook customers, thereby leading to easy sales.

Similarly, for the entry-level market, Xiaomi produced its Redmi 5A, which sported a price tag of just around Rs.7,000. Thus, both of these Redmi phones under 15000 conveniently pushed the Chinese brand to the top in the Indian handset market.

  • Stock availability and hype creation

During the initial years, Xiaomi followed a unique strategy of marketing its products. Herein, they announced small launch windows for new handsets on leading ecommerce websites. Stocks were limited to such an extent that only a few customers could order these smartphones before they were listed as ‘Out of stock.’

While this may have limited sales, it created immense hype regarding various Redmi phones under 15000, providing an impetus for future sales despite considerable stock availability.

  • Impressive hardware and technology

When you consider the pricing of Xiaomi handsets, their specs always seem to carry an edge over the company’s competitors in the same budget segment. It has also resulted in customers preferring the brand’s smartphone to others.

For instance, if you are looking for a 5G smartphone, Xiaomi is all set to launch its Redmi Note 9 series with this feature.

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  • Increased number of brick and mortar Xiaomi stores

Unlike the initial phases, Xiaomi did not limit their sales to e-commerce websites alone. Instead, the company used these online successes as a launching pad to build more storefronts, where customers could buy smartphones physically.

Such a move further enhanced accessibility allowed individuals to acquire these budget options at a nearby store easily.

In turn, such a move has also resulted in greater profits for the smartphone maker. Today, almost all major cities house such a storefront. According to an August 2020 report, the company operates 3,000 outlets across 850 cities in India, where you can walk in and buy the brand’s products.

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