Driving at night is one of the most dangerous tasks. Human body’s best friend ‘eyes’ even don’t make the night vision clear. Lower visibility makes it more challenging. The vision of eyes is affected most when it comes to driving at night. New drivers who do not know how to drive correctly, if start driving, then it may cause a severe scenario of accidents, including itself and the oncoming or the drivers behind. 

You have to become extra defensive while driving at night. Use of mobile phones while driving makes an excellent reason for accidents all over the world. A vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road in night puts a person in trouble. This blunder could easily be solved by calling Tow Truck Dublin and car recovery services. Here are some of the measures that every driver should follow while driving at night. 


Research state that the chances of accidents get tripled during the night. This is mainly because the drivers get sleepy during the night. It is useful to take caffeine for getting extra energy and avoiding this kind of circumstances. Some of the drivers avoid driving at night, but this cannot be the solution to this problem as it is not possible. Therefore, it is essential to take some breaks from driving and take rest. Windows of the vehicle could also be opened so that fresh air comes in. You may also talk to yourself or sing to avoid such kind of practices. 


You must clean up your view to a safe drive at night. Clean windshields will help you to look at other vehicles with more efficiency as the light does not get scattered through it. The increased effect of glare will also be reduced if you clean your windshield clean. Your headlights should also be clear if you want a clear vision. Clear headlights will throw more clear lights on the ground, making it easier for you to travel on the road. If you are facing any problem or trouble with these parts, you may directly contact a tow truck in Dublin. 


High beams make your vision clearer at night by throwing light till far distance as compared to low beam. You must use high beam whenever possible. But the consequences of using high beam regularly are quite dangerous. A high beam may affect the oncoming drivers in front of you and make their vision disabled, causing effects of unfortunate circumstances for both of you. Headlights may affect the visibility of the driver in front of you. 

Tips for safe driving are essential for a new driver most. As new drivers do not know how to drive at the day itself and at an increased risk of driving at night, they are somehow not appropriate. You have to pay your hundred percent attention on driving, and no multi-tasking is allowed mainly driving at night. You have to keep your speed slower than at day time because you are only dependent on your headlights and they make a clear vision for a small distance. Your slow speed gives you time to react to the situation happening outside the environment. 

Everyone can even clear off the more challenging situations if they follow the rules and maintain calmness. Your eyes become colour blind at night and do not support you, and therefore your brain helps you the most. Mixing drinking and driving can cause serious harm to you and the person who met the accident with you together, whether it’s day time or night driving.

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