Crying It Out Work for Your Child

Ferber Method: Will Crying It Out Work for Your Child?

The Ferber method is an infant program that gives sleep training. It is developed by Richard Ferber and also called graduated extinction. There are some training sessions in which for strictly-timed interval parents leave their babies alone. Even if their babies cry, they will not take care of them.

There are many books available in the market that guide parents who want to help their babies to sleep well at night. The most famous book is Richard Ferber’s “Solve your child’s sleep problems”.

Many parents thought that it is a good idea to let their babies cry all night so that they can sleep peacefully after exhausting themselves. But this is not completely the truth many people misunderstood this concept.

The first thing that you need as a parent is to read Ferber’s full book if you want to help your child to sleep well at night. It will give you a lot of information that all parents need to know. For a better understanding of parents, Ferber reviews the stages of sleep. Here are some issues due to which babies can not sleep peacefully.

  1. Night terrors
  2. Nighttime fear
  3. Bedwetting
  4. Sleepwalking
  5. Nightmares
  6. Bedtime routines
  7. Disruptions in sleep schedules

The famous approach of Ferber is to get young children to sleep calmly at night. Many parents use this approach more than other ones. If you want to get a better understanding of this approach you first need to know about the actual problem. In many cases, the problem is sleep association.

Here you can get a complete brief about sleep associations if you do not know about it. So let’s have a look.

Sleep Associations

The child’s sleep associations are the biggest problem in getting a child to sleep well at night. Sleep Associations are the behaviors or items due to which children sleep at the beginning of the night. The most common example is to rock your child. Before you put the child in the crib at bedtime she sleeps in your arms. This is her first sleep association.

The main problem is falling asleep with rocking in your arms. So, she can not sleep again when she wakes up at night. To fall asleep she needs to be again rocked in your arms.

At the beginning of the night, the problem of waking up in the night starts. You should allow your child to fall asleep on her own so that she can easily put herself back to sleep when she wakes up in the middle of the night. The process is known as “Self-soothing”. As adults, we can easily get back to sleep when we wake up in the nighttime. This is the real idea that Ferber wants to give to the parents to teach their kids.

Ferber’s other approach of Progressive-waiting starts when you put your kid in the crib sleepy, and then leave the room when they wake up. In increasing intervals of time, you can check on her if incase she cries. First, you have to wait for 3 minutes, then wait for 5 times and then for 10 minutes. The main goal is to check if she is fine or not when every time you check on her. Make sure you have not left her alone. Try not to spend more time with her because in this approach you have to only console her. You are not allowed to stop her from crying. Keep increasing your checking time at night.

For example

The first night you set the checking time at intervals 3, 5, and 10 minutes. The next night, intervals are 5, 10, and 12 minutes and further on the next night intervals are 12, 15, 17 minutes. This is a simple concept that parents should understand. They should follow the same intervals as Ferber describes in his approach. This theory works best in less time. As he states, most children start sleeping in the middle of the night almost after four days.

After reading the whole scenario you can say that it is not the “cry it out” plan. It does not motivate you to let your child cry all night but allows your kid to fall asleep on her own during the middle of the night.

Does it work?

Ferber’s approach is highly effective as it allows many children to learn how to sleep at midnight without their parents. But at the same time, many parents swear at Ferber for not getting successful.


Do not just rely on Ferber’s approach because there are many other methods that you can use. But due to the high effectiveness of his approach, it is considered better to use it first. Do not skip this approach by think that he wants your child to cry all night because this a wrong concept. First, carefully read Ferber’s book and then decide whether the idea is right or not.

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