Feng Shui: Secure your career growth and success

Feng shui is formerly pronounced as an ancient Chinese form of aesthetics believed to use both the laws of heaven and earth to help improve life in a positive aspect. Feng shui is being used everywhere these days. Some use it in their homes, some use it in their office, shops, etc.

Here we will discuss the uses of Feng shui for improving your career growth and success. At a period of time, many face the problem of no success.

They want to change their present organization but not able to, no promotions even if they working hard, business starts going down, having high marks in graduation but can’t find a decent job then you should g for Feng shui. It can help you to overcome your problems. Try some of the following tips and see the difference:

  • If you building a house than make sure that the toilet is in the north section and if you bought an already constructed house and cannot avoid the situation than hang a wind chime or place a large stone in the toilet.
  • Your work desk should be placed in such a way that you can face the main door as well as the window. In case you can’t avoid having a door or window at your back place a plant or a crystal to neutralize the bad effect.
  • Keep some career enhancement symbols on your office desk.
  • Never ever have your work desk aligned with a wall that is shared by the toilet it can flush away opportunity in your way.
  • Place an aquarium in the north corner of your office, with eight goldfish and one blackfish. The north corner is associated with career growth and success.
  • Position your work desk in such a way that you sit with your back facing a solid wall.
  • There should not be a sharp edge at your back, in the form of protruding corners or pillars, when you sit on your table. If you cannot avoid it place a plant or a crystal in the front, to nullify the effect.
  • Never ever have a bookshelf behind your back, in your office. This is because it represents knives and brings bad energy.

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