Everything in this world comes with dos and don’ts. It is then associated to you that what are the thing to do and what not to do. Here are some of them about towing a vehicle. This vehicle may be a car or a truck or anything else. If you find it as a simple process, then you are entirely wrong as nothing is easy till you know this fact. Here are some do’s and some don’ts that should be following while having a vehicle which is at dire circumstances. 


  1. Firstly, you have to know about the vehicle that which part of it has broken or started malfunctioning so that you can also yourself tell the tow mechanics that whether there is a need of towing or it may be cured here even. Tow truck Dublin can easily help you come out of this. 
  2. Secondly, you do not have to run here and there in search of people who can help you come out of the situation. You must directly call the mechanic or to the towing vehicle. 
  3. An emergency vehicle kit should always be in your vehicle so that you may find an easy way to escape out of it. No one thinks to get in a situation like this, but you have to get in it because of your destiny, but you become helpless at that time. The first thing you have to do is to manage all the equipment’s which are required during this process. 
  4. You should not carry a chain or a cable to join the vehicle or to tow it through another vehicle. Chains are heavy enough to increase weight in your vehicle, and their flexibility is also too less to tow a vehicle. Your cable also comes with these properties and takes a larger space to sit in. Your vehicle may go through many bumpers in between, and due to the flexibility issues, any mishap can easily happen. To avoid such kind of unfortunate luck, you have to be well prepared. 
  5. A tow strap or a recovery strap would be a better option as compared to cable and chains. Both the tow strap and recovery strap are made up of nylon fabric which requires infinite stretching to break down. Nylon fabric gives it enormous powers of towing a vehicle. Being lightweight and easy to carry it does not take much space in your vehicle too. These both are provided by both sides hooks at the ends. This makes it easy for you to hang up on a vehicle. 
  6. If the recovery strap and tow strap are compared, then most of the percentage will be towards the recovery strap. Recovery strap has more flexibility than anything. Its durability is also high and could take you easily out of a drastic situation. It also works for the stationary vehicle as well. A tow strap is just designed to have work on the moving objects. 
  7. You should always tie the hook to the steel loop present in the centre of the vehicle. You must not make it fastened with any other metal surface provided in the rear side of the vehicle. Do not attach it with the bumper or to any other surface except the loop given for it.


If you follow up on the given steps, you could quickly help out the situation. Tow truck Dublin are good at the job of towing. Car recovery Dublin and car towing in Dublin too are beneficial. Take care of one thing also that this work is not easy and you must call to the tow truck services.      

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