5 Tips to Improve Your SEO Copywriting in 2020

SEO copywriting is a process of creating SEO-friendly and user-friendly content for websites and blogs. You target your readers and search engines at the same time while crafting the content. In short, you care about how the readers and search engines would see your content.

There is no doubt that it is the best way to enhance your organic traffic, leads, and conversions.

There are dozens of SEO gurus that have written several blogs on SEO copywriting, but they make you more confused about it rather than telling you how to use or improve it practically.

Now that you have come to this website, I will share five practical suggestions to improve your SEO writing.

Let’s jump in…

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1. Use Keywords Naturally

The most crucial factor in getting better search engine ranking is using keywords in your content optimally. However, some SEO freaks utilize keywords in a robotic manner, making their content hard to read and understand. Not only that, but it becomes hard for their visitors to understand the purpose behind the content.

It’s vital to give your content a natural tone. It should have emotions and clarity. Your content should never feel like a robot or machine wrote it. Especially, the keywords you utilize must read naturally and purposely.

2. Use Relevant Subheadings and Headings

Readers can easily guess what the whole page contains just by reading the headline. Therefore, your main heading must be relevant, straightforward, and punchy simultaneously to perk up your SEO copywriting. If you are using keywords in your subheadings or headings, make sure they sound natural.

3. Use Hyperlinked Text

Your content must include the necessary hyperlinks and anchored text. If you are sharing a report in your content, make sure to add a link to the source webpage.

Not only that but when you hyperlink your targeted keywords, it can improve your search engine rankings as well as content efficiency.

So, if you have written several blogs on your website, edit them and insert useful links to your content. Do not forget to anchor your keywords. Once you have done that, observe your organic traffic growth, and do not forget to thank us later.

4.  Enhance SEO Copywriting Using Apt Keywords Density

Do you utilize primary keywords in your web content properly? The best way to answer this question is to check the keywords density in your content. Keywords Density refers to how many times you use a keyword in your content. You should maintain an adequate keywords density in your articles (In general, you can keep 1% keywords density). For example, if you wrote a 1000 words article, you can use the same keyword up to 10 times. However, it is just for illustration, but the amount of keywords also depends on the competition.

In some cases, if you put ten keywords in 1000 words content, it may be considered keywords stuffing. Therefore, carefully decided how many times you will put a keyword in your content. Make sure all keywords fit in the context.  

5. Proofreading Your Content

I’m not here telling you to recheck the spelling and grammar. By proofreading, I mean to check how your content sounds when you read it. Do you find it hard to understand? Does your content have difficult words and technical terms that can be hard for your readers to understand?

Your main motive is to improve the clarity and relevancy of the content by proofreading it. You should also ensure that you have used keywords ideally in your content to promote SEO copywriting. 

Wrapping It Up

Which of the above copywriting tip did you like for improving the SEO of your site? Let me know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading this article, and I hope you have enjoyed it.

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