5 Common Dental Procedures

For any person, oral health issues can be an alarming situation. But visiting a dentist doesn’t always mean something serious. Instead, routine dental checkups are also a necessity.

In case you want to get wisdom teeth removed, check out qsurgicaldentistry.com.au. Now, apart from the basic routine checkups, the dentist performs a lot of procedures. Some of these are well-known to the common man like extraction. Whereas other procedures are just peculiar names for many.

In any phase of life, you might need to undergo one of such procedures. So it is better to have some basic know-how about these dental procedures.

Today, we will have a brief overview of 5 common dental procedures. In case you ever face a problem, you will likely know what treatment to get done. So without further delay, let’s get started.

1- Fillings

Every person has a sweet tooth or is a foodie, to say the least. Hence the result in such cases is cavity, decay, toothache due to negligence. The process to treat such decay is simply dental fillings.

Now, if you have any damaged or injured teeth, fillings can work like magic. If a patient complains of a toothache, the dentist’s first concern is crack/cavity.

Next, they urge the patient to get an X-ray done. This helps the dentist to determine if a filling is required. First, they numb the tooth, then use a dental drill to remove the decayed tissues.

Once they clean the tooth inside out with water, then comes sealing the tooth with a filling. There are several types of fillings that patients can choose from. The available options are porcelain, dental resin, silver, or gold fillings.

2- Dental crowns

This is the ultimate procedure to save your teeth from extractions. If your teeth need repair, your dentist would prefer dental crowns. The process is for severely damaged teeth due to cavity, decay, or some injury.

In fact, this process is also used to regulate any cosmetic imperfections. You may need to take at least 2 appointments for getting dental crowns. As these are first made in a dental lab and then applied.

If your dentist has sheer expertise and can make the dental crowns. Well, in such a scenario, you will get it all done within a day only. The dentist would make the crowns in his clinic and place them on the same day.

As these crowns cover your teeth completely, it restores over time. The crown act as a protective shield against any further damage to the teeth.

3- Tooth extractions

Once the damaged tooth is far from repair, this is the only path left to follow. The general dentist would simply pull out the decayed teeth to save others.

If a decayed tooth is not removed, it would push past the gum. It can hinder the other teeth to grow and make them crooked. Also, the pain inflicted by such teeth is far too much.

The wisdom tooth is such a common example that requires tooth extraction. If not removed, the result is swollen gums, toothache, and discomfort.

In case, the problem lies above the gum, the dentist will remove that too. But will first loosen the tooth from the bone socket and then pull it out.

Some extractions are simple ones requiring no certain protocol. Whereas some are surgical extractions requiring anesthesia and dental surgeon.

4- Dental implants

In case, you have got teeth extractions, you need to fill in that gap. One of the most reliable and permanent solutions is to get dental implants. These will suffice the absence of real teeth and only involve minor surgery.

The implant is placed in the jawbone of the patient. Even though the process stretched over months involving certain procedures. Yet the results are astounding with permanent artificial teeth.

5- Braces

For people with crooked teeth, braces are the life-saviors. Braces are the best common procedure to treat the teeth. The result is clean, pleasing, and straight teeth.

Apart from that, if you have bad bites, braces can help with that too. So you get to eat and talk without any problem in the future. Today 80% of people under the age of 18 wear braces to get aligned teeth.


Though there are various other procedures that dentists perform. But these 5 are the most common that you all should know off. In case of further details, contact us to clear the queries.

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