3 Pro Tips for Towing a Car Safely in Case of Emergency


Everyone thinks that towing is a straightforward process, but it is not like what it looks like. It is only simple for those who do it properly; otherwise, it makes take you and the vehicle helping you to tow in a severe injury. It is more than simply grabbing the vehicle to the strap or rope with the nearby vehicle. The vehicle being towed must be manned. The first thing you think of when your automobile is to be towed is the right tools for it. Whether you use the tow strap or the recovery strap its main motive is to tow the vehicle properly.

No one wants to get stuck in such a situation, but life isn’t pious to everyone. Every driver should keep a tow strap in the emergency kit of the vehicle in the trunk. You may tow the vehicle to a chain or a cable or to a tow strap but remember before towing that it has to suffer many tremendous situations and the strain on it will be much more intense. The only difference between the chain or cable and the tow strap that it is made up of nylon and have hooks at both the ends which makes it pretty strong than cable or chain. Tow straps even do not weigh much in comparison with cable. Thus, in undefined condition, if it breaks, then you do not have to worry about the harm that your vehicle can have due to excessive pressure.


Most of the people compare tow strap and recovery strap as equal or are same, but if you have a look towards their uses and functioning, then you will notice that both are different from each other in many ways. Recovery straps are made more flexible as compared to the tow straps. Tow strap’s major function is to pull a moving vehicle due to its less flexibility. If you use the towing strap to tow a stationary object than it is totally confirmed that it will break in the halfway. You should make contact with the car towing service Dublin and tow truck service Dublin to get help. However, recovery straps are designed for pulling the vehicles which are stuck in the mud or anywhere else. It has high flexibility and much more durability. Here are some of the steps that you could use while towing your vehicle. 


It is an essential step of towing your vehicle to the other car when it comes to your turn. The towing hook is a steel loop placed in the rear side of the vehicle. When you are sure about the strap that it will not let you down in any case then move to the second vehicle and attach the other hook on the mounting point of another vehicle. Make sure that both the ends are securely fastened. While both the automobiles are in motion, you have to be sure that it does not open up in between. You may contact Tow Truck Dublin and car recovery in Dublin to avoid such circumstances. 


It is mainly considered that both the vehicles must be manned to avoid any kind of worst circumstances. It is easier to tow a working vehicle through the hitching method, but if you are using it to pull a stationary vehicle, then problems may trigger easily. While towing a vehicle, it must be in its first gear. And if it is not working or functioning, then it is advised to have it in the neutral section

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